Off-site storage:
Benefits during relocation, renovation or any time you need extra space

October 18, 2023

Nightmare scenario: Your new lab isn’t finished yet, but the vendor ships anyway, and your new $150,000 plate reader gets delivered to an active construction site.

Having it shipped to an off-site storage space could have saved you the headaches and eliminated the risk of damage or removal.

Laboratory relocations and buildouts can be very complex and usually entail procuring new equipment and materials and packing and moving lots of bulky and sensitive items.

Here are just a few of the ways having off-site storage space can benefit your relocation:

Consolidates Equipment to One Location
Eliminates the need to manage countless lead times, multiple shipments, COIs and vendor deliveries.  Allows flexibility in purchasing equipment, materials and supplies. Helps prevent the need for rushed purchases of replacement equipment or supplies due to damage during the move.

Organizes Transition
Allows equipment, consumables and other materials to be systematically packed, labeled, and categorized. Accounts for everything during the move and minimizes the risk of items getting lost, damaged or misplaced.

Provides Scheduling Flexibility
Manage unexpected delays or issues that arise during the relocation and buildout process by being able to store equipment and materials until they are ready to be moved into the new space. Off-site storage space allows you to adjust your plans as needed. Off-site storage also allows you the flexibility to order equipment ahead of schedule to avoid future equipment and consumables delays.

Reduces Risk
Proper storage helps maintain the functionality and integrity of sensitive equipment, delicate instruments and fragile materials. Avoids overcrowding which can lead to accidental damage and protects your valuable laboratory assets.

Minimizes Downtime
Ensures that critical projects are minimally disrupted. Allows you to continue essential research and experiments until the last possible moment before the move. Helps maintain productivity and reduces disruptions.

Optimizes Resources
Avoids having to rush decisions about disposing of items that may still be valuable. Storage space allows you to make more informed choices about what to keep, donate, or discard, ultimately optimizing your resource utilization.

Improves Your Bottom Line
Cost per square foot for off-site storage is much cheaper than having those items take up valuable space on-site. Compare the costs to what you are paying for your lab square footage, and it’s easy to see how storage can save you money. Freeing up valuable lab space that ensures your research and projects remain on track can be priceless.

Allows Layout Adaptation
Having extra storage enables everyone to adjust to changes in workflow, equipment placement, and accessibility. Allows your team to adapt to new layouts and spatial arrangements that might differ from your previous space.

Expansion Capabilities
Gives you room to accommodate any future plans, to expand your laboratory, or incorporate new equipment, without unnecessary constraints. Offsite storage space allows you to expedite these changes when you are ready.

In summary, having off-site storage space when relocating a laboratory offers flexibility, protection, and continuity. It ensures that your valuable equipment and materials are stored and handled safely, allowing you to adapt to your new surroundings and continue your research activities with minimal disruptions, and less stress.

Venture Forward Partners has over 31,000 SqFt of temperature-controlled warehouse space, including 4 full-time warehouse staff, security cameras and badge access points throughout. Contact us to find out how we can provide the perfect storage solution for your lab.