Lab Relocation &

Hassle-free lab relocation and a smooth setup — We know what it takes to get it right.

Our team of relocation specialists will handle the management and coordination of a myriad of details, so your team can focus on the science.

We understand how to move science. We’ve got the expertise, familiarity, and insider knowledge to move your lab to the new location, set it up fast, and make sure everything runs smoothly.

Moving a lab is no easy task. Let us be a part of your
relocation team

We assess site viability and logistics.

We’ll make sure the site meets your needs and will work for your operations.

We plan every detail.

We ensure every aspect of the design, construction and move is considered.

We execute with diligence.

We coordinate all vendors, service providers, and installers.

We communicate effectively.

We communicate effectively with both internal personnel and external resources.

We focus on safety.

We ensure the highest level of environmental health & safety standards in your lab.

We get your operations started.

We ensure you are all set up, ready to perform science, and have a seamless startup.

We are your ongoing ally

We don’t stop when your lab relocation is complete.  We’re highly qualified to step in and act as your interim lab management team until you can make the hires you need. We can craft all the necessary systems and procedures so your labs operate smoothly and efficiently. And we can provide a range of additional services to help you thrive and grow in the new space. 

As area insiders, we have a unique familiarity with the greater Boston real estate industry and have built a trusted network of industry partners. Our teams have hands-on, practical experience with lab operations and equipment. We make sure your company lands safely in the ideal workspace for your business. 

Other Services We Offer

Additional Services

When our clients face operational issues, we make sure a gap in business doesn’t slow you down.  From lab safety, staffing and training to off-site storage and sustainability, we can help.

Lab Management & Support

Our highly skilled lab managers can step in and manage your lab for a day, a week, a month or even longer. No matter what your lab needs, we ensure it runs smoothly, safely and efficiently.

Lab Design & Project Management

Our expert team has the skills, experience and proven track record to take you from concept to site selection, from design through construction, and from relocation to operational readiness. We take care of the details so you can focus on your research.

It all starts with a conversation.
Reach out and talk to us about your needs.

I would like to give my high praise of Gino, Jeff, Colin and the entire relocation team. I can’t even begin to calculate how much they have saved us with the lab and all of the move. The team is absolutely incredible. This move wouldn’t happen without them. Gino specifically has been critical for Monte Rosa. He’s a great leader and planner, and I’m really lucky we have him. You’re lucky you have him, too! Whatever recognition or praise you give them, please double it on my behalf 🙂

Nooreen Rubin
Scientist II Screening and Automation, Monte Rosa Therapeutics