Relocation Services

Lead efforts to plan and execute all aspects of a company relocation including offices and laboratories. Establishing timelines based on current industry knowledge and coordinating all necessary vendors for a seamless transition.  

Construction Management

Work closely with scientific staff to ensure all needs are met in the design and planning of a new or existing facility. Acting as an owner’s representative in construction meetings and walk-through's. Apply critical thinking to the overall work flow of the facility to create a seamless environment to operate in. 

Lab Management

We provide on-site services acting as in-term lab managers to fill the gap for small to medium sized life science companies until the need for a full-time employee arises. We also provide assistance to current lab managers with planning/coordination adding an additional set of experienced, helpful hands to fulfill the needs of our clients. 

Equipment and Consumable Procurement

Use our vast industry knowledge and network to source new and used equipment for the lowest pricing possible. We coordinate with staff to ensure required equipment is purchased and set in place within the timeline over the overall project. Proper procurement plays a major role in minimizing unnecessary downtime while transitioning facilities or anticipated growth.  

Safety Oversight

Provide advice and information to employees on environmental health and safety while overseeing proper safety procedures implementation. Provide outsourced safety consultant recommendations and oversight to ensure all aspects of your facility fall in line with proper safety protocols. 

Administration Support

Work to ensure that the company is effectively using its personnel to achieve its stated goals, while also ensuring the workforce is operating at a high level of productivity and efficiency. Assist in the areas of Recruiting, Benefits, Legal Compliance, Training and Development.  Provide ongoing support specialized to the biotech industry for smooth operation of both office and laboratory.